Nothing Important

Sorry to bother you. I don't have a topic or social issue right now like I used to blog about. I just want to express myself here. Please stay and listen to me. I just need someone whom I could talk to right now. I don't want to consider myself as sad.. I don't usually get sad because I'm a happy person. But this time, I feel like it's me against the world. Unidentified feeling it is what I am feeling right now.Maybe it is sadness maybe it is not. Trying to escape from this madness of mine. Keeping all the tears that I can't really hide. An emotion that keeps on bugging me. Where does this come from? Even if I wanna leave it all behind, my mind is being fooled by it. I don't wanna waste my time now. I should be thinking happy thoughts, yes? Okay I will. Erase that, maybe it's better if I'd say I shall. 

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