From Workers to Prisoners

               It was my first time to see the Hanjin Shipyard in Subic Zambales. The outside look of it is very peaceful and quiet. You don't even see the people working. Then I asked, "Bakit parang walang tao?" Kuya Mars, one of the leaders of SAMAHAN answered, "Kasi nasa loob sila ng mga duck na yan". Then I connect my thoughts. Kasing tahimik ng panlabas na anyo ng Hanjin Shipyard ang mga workers nito, hough hindi lahat, pero marami parin ang natatakot magsalita kasi they know that there's a big possibility na matanggal sila sa trabaho. Kaya din siguro hindi sila masyadong napapansin kasi parang hindi naman totoo. Kasi wala namang nagsasalita. Until that day, I found out that marami narin palang media ang nakipagusap sa mga leaders and members ng SAMAHAN at ng Friends of Hanjin Workers.

              I and Elmer from Friends of Hanjin Workers, went to Subic Zambales together with the staffs of GMA7's Reporter's Notebook to cover the issue of Hanjin workers and know their stories. For me, it was a privilege that I've met different Hanjin workers and the leaders of SAMAHAN cause I've learned A LOT from them. The stories that I've heard from Ka Renante's stories, totoo pala talaga lahat yun at mas marami pang nangyayari sa loob na hindi pa naisasawalat kasi natatakot ang mga workers na i-terminate sila sa kanilang trabaho. Damang-dama ko ang paghihirap habang sila ay nagke- kwento. Nakakaawa. Sabi ko nga, kung meron lang ako na alternative na trabaho na pwedeng ibigay sakanila, ginawa ko na. Pero dahil talaga sa kahirapan, they are all willing to take all the risks and sacrifices to survive and to feed their family. 

Here's the story: 

         When we went up the mountain to see the wide view of the Hanjin Shipyard outside, Reporter's Notebook's camera persons set up their staff to shoot the outside view of the shipyard. In a while, the security guard of the shipyard (is a Filipino) noticed us and stared as if we are criminals.I wasn't frightened at first but when the security guard (Mr. Manalastas) went up to where we were standing and brought a military person with him, I got scared, honestly. Then the Segment Producer of RN talked to them and explained everything. They want us to go inside and go to the information center and talk to their General Manager (a Korean). The Segment Producer said we will go inside when the permit is already okay. To cut the long story short, Mr. Manalastas insisted that we should go there and talk to the General Manager to clear everything. But we were surprised when we found out that our service van was already inside the Hanjin Shipyard. He said that their General Manager let our service van in. 

        Then after meeting the General Manager, the crew of RN got nothing. They didn't even let them shoot inside the shipyard and didn't even get an interview with the Hanjin Management. So, our next stop was the hospital where they usually bring the Hanjin workers, which is 45 minutes away from the shipyard. We went there to see the worker who is currently in coma because of the accident that happened to him inside the Hanjin Shipyard. When we got there, the camera persons were stopped by 2 security guards and didn't tell them why. The Segment Producer of RN was the only one who could go inside. Then after about an hour, the Segment Producer told us that they can't see the patient or interview any of his relatives because there was a not written from the patient's brother saying that they are no longer willing to do an interview in any media that will invite them to. The Segment Producer of RN also mentioned that the Finance Officer of Hanjin Shipyard was inside. Well, alam na natin kung anong ginagawa niya dun. Ang masaklap pa dun, nung nasa office kami ng SAMAHAN, nakausap pa namin yung Kuya nung pasyente na na-coma. The analysis is that the Hanjin Management forced the brother to make a letter to neglect any interview involving Hanjin because if not, they will not pay for the hospital bills of the patient. 

Isa lang ito sa pagpapakita na talagang may hindi magandang ginagawa ang Hanjin Management, kasi bakit nila kailangang pigilang magpainterview ang mga workers or relatives ng mga workers kung wala naman silang ginagawang masama?

Because of that experience, I convinced myself that I will become more aggressive on showing the unjust labor conditions that are happening inside the Hanjin Shipyard. I will do anything that I can to help the workers and to spread the issue for the people to become aware, informed and involved on the fight that these Hanjin Workers are experiencing. 

We can help in many ways, even in our own simple ways, yes we can do something to help these 23, 000 Hanjin Workers. Hanjin Shipyard is in their 5 years this year, 45 more years to come (5o years contract). Let's all make a stand to stop these unjust labor conditions inside the Hanjin Shipyard!

P.S Please watch Reporter's Notebook later 11:30pm after SAKSI on GMA7, they will be featuring the issue of Hanjin Workers. 



                 What we see is what we get.

               "Eyes is the window of our soul", which I got from the preaching last Friday in Victory Malate. Somehow I could relate to this one because there were also times that I want to have things but it never happened. Not because I'm a bad kid and I just don't know why these things that I truly want seems like I could get only through my dreams. What made me sadder is that others have it and I don't. (I was not yet a Christian) WHY? oh WHY? Well I've known several people who became jealous of their siblings, their friends, their colleagues and trust me, it didn't give any good effect on the person who got envy. The best example of which is the story of King Saul and David. Look upon 1 Samuel 18:5-6 to understand what made Saul jealous of David. 

1 Samuel 18:5 "Whatever Saul sent him to do, David did it so successfully that Saul gave him a high rank in the army. This pleased all the people, and Saul's officers as well."

*16 "When the men were returning home after David had killed the Philistine, the women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul with singing and dancing, with joyful songs and with tambourines and lutes."

Saul got very envious of David so the evil led him to a thinking to the point that Saul wants to kill David.

           See, even in the past there were already jealousy and envy which control us sometimes for us to make a sin. We let our eyes look on the negative side of the person because he/she has the things that you want in life that you don't have. We may not get the things that we got because maybe God has another plans for you. Kaya naman tayo naiinggit kasi we compare ourselves to others which is not right After we compare ourselves, jealousy now arises. After jealousy, we now tend to think of bad things towards the person that will hurt the person. And when that happens, nagkasala ka na? Now, sino and talo? wala na nga sayo yung mga bagay na gusto mo, dahil sa inggit mo nagkasala ka pa. According to today's gospel, let's think before we act. 

Now let me join you in prayer and as for forgiveness,

Lord Jesus, thank you for this wonderful moment that you have given me to realize all the mistakes that I have done and has been doing. Sorry Lord because I became jealous of my siblings, my friends and my colleagues. I know that envy is against Your will and I want to walk with You my Lord. Please help me to change my attitude and see things as Your wonderful creations for me to appreciate it wholeheartedly. Please also help me to accept who I am and all the things that I have and don't have. Cleanse my heart, my mind and my soul so I could walk with You in spirit and in faith. Amen

God bless you people! Spread the love and goodness of Jesus Christ! :D


By: Joanna Armenta

The State defines what the nation is. The State which includes us, the citizens, plays a very important role for one country to grow and become developed. Now if you are asking the importance of every Filipino as a part of the impeachment trial, I would say that Filipinos play a major role on this very important event that is happening in our country right now. To make a term for this major role, this is what we call citizens’ watch in Development Communication. Our voices must be heard because we made them to be the people who and where they are right now. The power of the people signifies the strength and the weakness of one person in the position. That’s why I think they should let the voice of the people be heard in the Senate.

I also think that through the awareness of so many Filipinos right now about the different issues in the country, this impeachment trial could be one of those topics that have been debating about in school and in the community. Filipinos now are smarter and it seems that everyone wants to share their stand and opinions about the issue. The people now are more willing to open their doors for discussion than about this issue than doing nothing and letting the people who cheated us pass by. Especially now that the impeachment trial became open nationwide and people are more into social networking sites nowadays, I think our opinions and insights could be more valid than the people who present themselves in the court every trial. Why the Filipinos are important? because we have the power to say whether they are transparent to the people or not. They are in the position to serve the people not to serve themselves. We have the power to put them in the position but we also have the power to bring them down through petitions and signature campaigns as an instrument for the betterment of our country.

            I think it is important for Chief Justice Corona to testify in the impeachment trial because the things that he will say also matters.  All this time, the trial wants to prove if he is guilty or not, to let him stay in the position or not, why don’t we also consider the things that he would like to say and to explain himself in able to validate the evidences that the persecutors are holding through Chief Justice’s words, gestures and facial expressions. We are not obliged to believe everything that he will say but we could also justify the points and arguments that the past trials has shown towards him if he testifies.

Testifying might look as he is defending himself after all the things that he has done, but it’s not about it. He will testify because he knows a lot that might help to make this trial progressive and see the result as soon as possible. It is important to hear his side because the evidences are not enough to reveal the truth the fastest way that we are expecting it to be done. It doesn’t matter if he will tell the truth or not because we cannot force him to do so. What will matter is the judgment of the people involved in this trial based on the things that he will say on the court. Now, I could say that the answer to how long do this impeachment trial will be, is still lying in our hands.


The World Will Be Watching (The Hunger Games: Movie Review

       Hunger Games Books 
         The series that became the most talked about topic on different social networking sites all around the world, recognized  for its cast and its huge sales on theater, the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins was awarded as the"Best Books of the Year" for the million of copies sold worldwide. The "against all odds" story of Hunger Games brought the series to a phenomenal fame.I haven't read the book yet so I can't say what the story is all about. Based on the film that I watched, let me interpret it the way I saw the film.

           The theme of the story is indeed against all odds, but the way I saw the movie, there's more. There's a deep interpretation for what the story of Hunger Games was trying to say. First, it depicted POVERTY. People are really struggling for food so they could survive. Millions of people around the world are suffering and dying because of HUNGER. Second, the film showed how the Class A manipulates Class E (based on the film) It's true! Some elites use their power, money and influence to control and manipulate poor people. Look at how the people in the City behave and what they eat, what they wear, these were all manifestations that they could get whatever they want and to entertain themselves they use the weakness of poor people which is food to add fun to their so called "perfect life" without considering how inhumane it is.

          If you will look on how I interpreted the movie, you will agree with me. Hunger Games is not just to entertain its audience. Let's always analyze the content of the movie and what does the message really implies. Trust me! You will enjoy the film more. :)


Someone's praying for you...

I liked somebody before but this time, I am liking someone at the same time I am praying for him. Everytime I say this to my friends,others don't believe me that one day he'll notice me. But actually it's not about getting him or for him to like me agad naman e. I am praying for this special person because I want God to show me if he is the right person for me to like and sooner or later to love. I am not expecting anything in return as much as possible because I don't want to decide for myself, I want God to decide. But of course, sino ba naman ang hindi gustong magustuhan din siya ng taong gusto niya diba? But when you know that God meant someone for you and believe that He is the author of Love, you will stop looking. You will wait. That is what I am doing right now that's why I am praying for that special someone.

We chat super rare. We talk in text super rare. We see each other super rare. (I used SUPER because it's more than rare but not NEVER, gets? :D) Usually our topic in these conversations were mostly about business not us. Why should we talk about us? He doesn't even know that I like him and I don't want to make the first move. But still, why do I like him? because I believe that nothing is impossible. Though he seems to be almost perfect for me. He's GOD-fearing (he's a Christian) first thing that I looked for a guy, he's a family guy, he's smart, he's hardworking, he's cute and he's simple. When I met him, it was unplanned. He just came. I stringly believe that God has a purpose on everything that He do. We met for a purpose. Whatever it is, I don't know. God can only know, that's why I am praying. God let me to meet this person, I know He has a reason.

If you will ask me what's our status, we're friends but we're not close. That's why I keep on praying that there will come a time that I could know him more and for him to know me more. I want to know what makes him laugh, what makes him laugh, what are he afraid of? What is his favorite food. I really like this guy, I really do. But if it's not on God's plans for me, then I will not pursue my feelings. Actually I don't care if he likes somebody else, I can accept it cause as long as he's happy I will go for it and it's true.

You, if it happens that you are reading this. I want you to know that I am praying for you. You mean a lot to me, though I know that you can't even notice me in that way. I know this is a little bit cliche but you really completes my day everytime I see you online (FB, Twitter and on Skype). I want to thank you for being my inspiration and no matter what, as long as you are happy. I will be here for you. I wish you would know that. May God bless your parents for bringing you here in this world and for your siblings for taking care of you. In God's perfect time and if it's the right time to say to you, I will tell you how much I like you. God bless you! :)