No Boyfriend Since Birth

What?! Really? Why? How come? These are the usual questions I get from the different people I know and met everytime I tell them that I had no-boyfriend-since-birth, with a very surprised tone of voice. I just smile at them and be proud that I am. Not because I hate men and also not because I fall in love with girls. It's a choice and that what I always say. We grew up in a family where my parents taught us to know the right from wrong. We explore things but they never missed to tell us the consequences that we might face on every action that we take. I always thank God for giving me such wonderful parents and siblings who became my mentors and best friends.

Anyway, this blog is not about me actually. It's for every single person out there who is also so called no-boyfriend-since-birth. Let me guess, some of you are proud but some of you are ashamed of the status that you always keep in your closet. Let's elaborate the possible reasons why a person never had a boyfriend since birth.
1. Parents are too strict.
2. Studies first.
3. You can't look for a girl/ boy who is already good enough for you.  
4. You want first and last. 
5. You're waiting for the right person that God has given you. 

Did I hit it right? Well I think that's the basic possible reasons why someone doesn't want to get into a relationship yet. But others has their own unique reasons why they still don't want to commit. 

If you will read all the books that Joshua Harris has written, you will become inspired. That's for sure. Love is not just an ordinary feeling. Love is special, it always has been. Best example is when Jesus Christ died on the cross just to save us from death which is sin. John 3:16 it says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Because of love my friend. Because of you and me. Because He loves us so much, Jesus died. That's what I meant when I say love is special. 

If you will ask me, most of the things that were mentioned above were also the reasons why I still don't commit into a serious relationship. But my main reason is because I'm waiting. Saving my love for the person that God has given me. I know he is just somewhere. What I'm doing right now is I pray. I pray for him, even though I still don't know his name or the look of his face. God knows who he is. And for you, who has the same reason as I am, I am telling you we are special. Save everything for that person that God has destined for you. It feels great to give our all for the one we love and promise to love him/ her in front of every important persons in your life and most especially to God. 


Life Warriors and Survivors

There's a saying that "Life is a matter of choice". But what if your life that seems perfect has about to end because of the illness called CANCER, is it still a choice? or destiny? Well if it's destiny, now we know that destiny doesn't always have a positive outcome. 

The "incurable" illness that everyone is afraid of...  CANCER. What will you do if you found out that you have this? How will you spend the rest of your time here on earth? Whom do you will spend it with? These are the common questions that were usually asked to people who has cancer. But when I went to an event called Santa Special for Cancer Warriors and Survivors, I met people who inspired me to do this blog. They were amazing. They all experienced and experiencing the pain of Cancer and yet they could afford to smile and have a great time. Why do I capitalized the starting letter of the word Cancer? it is because for them it's a big word. Cancer is their enemy and their best friend at the same time. Enemy because it's the reason why they become hospitalized everytime they need to have their chemo therapy. It's the reason of their pain. It's where their money goes, buying medicines and all. Bestfriend because Cancer cause them to fight for life. And because of Cancer, they met God personally. They gained deep relationship with their Creator. 

Allan had an eye cancer. He's blind and he is just one of the Cancer survivors that I met.

Dr. Stef Dela Cruz, the organizer of Santa Special event

You know what amazed me more when I met these people, they don't look like they have Cancer. They laugh, sing and dance. But the best part was when they shared how God moved in their lives. Even though that they experience sufferings and pain because of Cancer, they still praise God. I almost cry when I heard all the testimonies from the different people that I met. Instead of getting mad and blaming God for all the things that they are experiencing, their faith to God became stronger and deeper. 

The Lord says in Jeremiah 29: 11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

All the cancer survivors and warriors that I met believe that God has a purpose why they got Cancer and it is just one way of God testing their faith and their loved ones faith. They may live longer or not but the most important lesson that they've learned was Cancer brought them to know God deeper.   


A Mother's Story: A true to life story of an OFW

I saw this trailer when we watched "Won't Last A Day Without You" in Glorietta 4 cinema. I can't control my being so "mababaw ang luha" so I cried. The story was used so many times and yet the trailer movie really made my heart melt. How much more if I see the full movie? Anyway, I just wanna share with you a must- watch movie on December 25, 2011. This movie will for sure click in many Filipinos. Iyakin kasi ang mga Pinoy. =)

To give my insights about the story...
It's good to have this kind of movie cause it's the reality. Filipinos are known for being a domestic helper abroad cause they want to help their family here in the Philippines. The sad part is not everyone experience prosperity and fun in the different countries they went to. Akala lang nila purket pumunta sa ibang bansa, mayaman na o yayaman na. For their information, it's not true. Grabe kasi ang discrimination sa ibang bansa. Mababa ang tingin sa mga Pilipino at yan ang totoo. Subukan niyong mag- interview ng mga OFW na nakabalik sa Pilipinas at malalaman niyo. Nakakaawa. But still why do they have to leave. Because of money? it's just part of that. But because they need to work for their family. Wala pa yata akong naririnig na umaalis at nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa para sa sarili lang nila.

Kaya sana wag nating tingnan ng mababa ang mga OFW. Actually, it's true that they are the new heroes of this generation. We should salute them for saving their family and our country. Mabuhay kayo mga OFW at proud kami sainyo!

Dear Kabataan Part II

            This blog is my answer to what Krista has said to her blog "Dear Kabataan". She was right! Though I belonged to this generation, I am not quite proud of what most of the youth has been doing in making the world a better place to live in. Nasan na ang sinasabi ni Rizal na " ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan"? Sometimes we usually get annoyed when some older people always say "iba talaga noong panahon namin", cause no one wants to be compared. But now, I realized that it's true. The world from before is entirely different from the world at present. Magagalang pa ang mga kabataan noon, eh ngayon? Konti na lang siguro.

             As Krista mentioned in her blog, there are many vices which influenced our youth today. Kahit nga siguro malaki ang multa pag nagyosi ka in public, gagawin parin ito ng mga tao eh. Why? because they don't want others to rule over them. Sunod ang layaw dapat, kumbaga. Thank God my parents taught us how to become discrete and obedient. We have the choice to live our own lives. Party all night. Do whatever we want and go wherever we want to go. But because we love our parents so much and because we fear God, we're on the right track. We chose not to become the black sheep in the family, we chose to be good.

                  Madali lang naman magpakariwara sa buhay eh, especially if you have the time and money, super saya ng buhay mo kasi ang dami mong pwedeng magawa. Tambay lang kasama ang mga barkada, sayangin ang pera para sa walang kakwentang- kwentang bagay. It hurts right? cause it is true. Nobody could dictate us and nobody could stop us from doing what we wanna do. Have fun. Yan lang naman ang nasa isip ng mga walang pakeelam sa perang pinaghihirapan ng mga magulang nila. Well if you don't agree with me, then please stop reading this blog.

                  There are so many rules in this world that we need to abide in able to see what's real and not. We may not appreciate all these things for now, but maybe in the future, we will just thank the people who helped us grow and see the world in different light.



Dear Kabataan

I do not know what this generation really is all about. 

Speaking from a generation who grew up in comparison (think: “Noong kapanahunan namin” vs. “Ang kabataan ngayon…”), I finally realized what my parents have been talking about.

Today I just realized that today’s youth cannot be reprimanded at all, may it be constructive criticism or pure, simple panlalait. 

I’m 22 years old, and I’m still young. Just like everybody else, I get pissed off when you impose too many rules on me especially when you cannot justify the existence of such rules. 

Yet rules are there for a reason. Rules supposedly establish peace and order within a group. It is a standard to which everyone must conform to.

In an academic institution, once you are admitted as a student, you are mutually expected to abide by the policies.
So when you go out on a Friday night and start drinking with your friends despite the clear policy of “no drinking in school uniform” or as long as you are a recognizable member of the community, you follow such rule to your discretion.

Discipline is the heart and soul of every Scholastican, nakauniform ka man o hindi. We implement rules for a reason so that when you go out into the real world in four or five years’ time, you will spark changes our society badly needs. 

I am not saying that you are expected to be Cory Aquino or Cecilia Munoz-Palma or any of the Hontiveros sisters or any Scholastican you see on the tarpaulins hanging around Gate 1 or near the Registrar’s Office. And we are not expecting you to live a holy life apart from drinking and smoking. Hindi tyrannical ang ating institution. You are still given the freedom to choose. 

You are simply expected to act as a Scholastican imbued in Benedictine values. 

Hindi kami nambabasag ng trip niyo on a Friday night. If you wish to drink or smoke or do anything stupid, do it without associating your “pagiging Kulasa

With freedom comes responsibility.

You have the freedom to choose, yet be discreet about it. 

Paano ka pa makakatulong sa pagsusulong ng pagbabago sa ating bayan kung wala kang disiplina sa loob pa lang ng ating paaralan? 

It’s not wrong to have fun, but if you’re going to compromise the name of the institution that you represent, all in the name of “having fun”, just think about it. 

With much love,


P. S Krista is the Student Council President of St. Scholastica's College- Manila 2011- 2012. 



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To give you more information about No Speed Limit: 
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Malayo sa Maynila

Marihatag, Surigao del Sur at Han- Ayan, Surigao del Sur--- Ito ang lugar kung saan kami nagtungo noong Nobyembre 10- 13, 2011.

Hindi parin ako makapaniwala hanggang ngayon na nakasama ako sa lugar na ito. Ang munting paraiso sa Mindanao na hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay alam na mag ganito pala sa Pilipinas. Kasama ng 20 na propesor at ilang madre, isa ako sa dalawang estudyanteng nabigyan ng pagkakataong makasama sa Marihatag, Surigao del Sur.

Nagtatanong rin ako nung una kung bakit ako at ano ba ang dahilan ni Lord kung bakit ako nakasama sa trip na ito. Nalaman ko ang sagot nung umakyat na kami sa Han- Ayan kung saan nakita ko ang katayuan at sitwasyon ng buhay ng mga naninirahan doon. Mahirap ang buhay ng mga tao dun. Mahirap hindi dahil wala silang makain. Mahirap dahil hindi nila alam kung alam pa ba ng gobyerno natin na nage-exist pa sila. Ito ang isa sa mga lugar dito sa Pilipinas na kailangan maabot ng tulong at bigyang pansin dahil kung hindi tuluyan silang maghihirap.

Pacific Ocean

Kasama si Mayor (Marihatag)

Habang nakasakay sa truck. Ang una naming punta sa Han- Ayan

Napakasipag ng mga tao doon. Hindi sila sumusuko at patuloy sa pagkayod para makakain sila araw- araw at mapagaral ang kanilang mga anak kahit na kulang na kulang sa mga kagamitan angmunting eskwelahan doon. Ito rin siguro ang dahilan kung bakit ako nakasama roon. Nakita ko ang estado ng edujkasyon doon at totoo pala talagang may mga hindi naabot ng tulong mula sa Maynila. Mabuti na lang at nakit ng St. Scho- Manila ang Marihatag at Han- Ayan. Doon nagkaroon muli ng pag- asa ang mga taong naninirahan sa bundok.

Habal- habal (Ang aming sinakyan pagakyat ng Han- Ayan)

Pagsasadula ng kanilang tribo noong unang panahon.

Ngiti at galak ang salubong sa amin ng mga tao dun. Nakakatuwa dahil hindi kami iba sakanila. Malayong- malayo man ang pagitan ng lugar kung san kami nanggaling, malugod nila kaming inimbitahan sa kanilang mga tahanan. Nais kong ibahagi ang nakita kong estado ng edukasyon sa Han- Ayan para maunawaan ng kung sino mang nakakabasa nito ang sitwasyon nila doon. Meron silang pang grade school at high school. Ang mga silid- aralan ay gawa sa kahoy at yero lamang. Lumang- luma na ang mga kagamitan. Halatang- halatang ipinasa lang sakanila yung mga 2nd hand na kagamitan mula pa sa ibang lugar, marahil ay galing pa sa Maynila. Pero okay lang sakanila yun basta may magagamit. Ang mga guro ay iilan lang. Kulang din sila sa guro dahil malayo ang Han- Ayan. Hindi rin sapat ang sweldo ng mga guro doon para sa isang regular na guro . Pero ang nakaktuwa doon, ang mga guro dun ay hindi nagrereklamo dahil siguro mahal talaga ang ginagawa nila at napamahal narin sila sa mga bata. Php 2000 lang ang budget ng mga guro kasama na ang kanilang pang- kain at madalas, sila pa ang gumagastos ng mga pang- decor sa mga silid- aralan para mapaganda ito.

Napakarami kong natutunan sa apat na araw na nanatili kami sa Surigao Del Sur. Ang dami kong "first time" na naranasan.
1. First time kong pumunta ng Surigao Del Sur
2. First time kong makita ang Pacific Ocean.
3. First time kong sumakay sa ibabaw ng truck.
4. First time kong nakakakita ng mga Militar sa bundok.
5. First time kong naranasan na harangin ng mga Militar para sa check point.
6. First time kong sumakay sa habal- habal papuntang Han- Ayan.

Hindi ko man mabanggit lahat, isang bagay lang ang gusto kong ibahagi sa mga taong nagbabasa nito ngayon. Pag may dumating na oportunidad sa inyo na tumulong, wag kayong magalinlangan hangga't maaari. Napakasarap tumulong sa kapwa lalung- lalo na kung yung ikaw ang magiging dahilan ng ngiti ng mga tinutulungan mo.


Made In Dagenham: Movie review

“Equal pay for women!” is what the women in Dagenham wanted to happen. Made in Dagenham was inspired by a real life story of group of women from Dagenham who worked for Ford, which is one of the top companies in United Kingdom and United States of America and contributed a lot to the economy of the two countries. This movie will not just make you see that women could also do what men can do when it comes to production and work but it will also make you realize that women could stand up to fight for what is right and fight for their right. The touch of Marxism made the movie more critical and interesting. 

Made in Dagenham is in now because there were a lot of issues about stereotyping and gender discrimination because they’re men or because they’re women. I’m not a radical feminist who will force you to choose and take the side of women rather than men but what I’m saying is, if you will just examine the real importance and contribution that women can give in our society, you will know what I’m talking about. 


Question of Love

I’m trying to do my best
To get away with this feeling
I know it isn’t right
But how can I stop my heart?

I know liking you is not easy
And loving you becomes more risky
But I can’t find a way to control my heart
Or even say no to what my desires are.

Is this really love how I feel for you?
Or just another infatuation that never last.
I’m really seeking for answers right now
And also their question that starts with how. 

Maybe It's You

Here it goes again.
My stomach stumbles and my heart beats fast.
I wonder what it is in you
That made me often nervous and wet my hands.

I wasn’t looking for somebody
And I haven’t been in love
But this feeling I have for you
Really bothers me for a while.

I didn’t look at your physique
Then I saw the real you
You being as a person
Completely what made me fell for you.

I asked God to see you again
And He gave a second chance
All I want is to know you more
Everything about you is what I’m looking for. 

Carry Me

I was alone in the dark
Hiding and afraid of what’s inside
I never felt secure of anything
Cause what’s behind me is chasing me

I know it’s not easy to forget
And lying is what makes me alive
My life became complicated
That brought me into searching for blank

You don’t know the real thing
Nobody listens except Him
Now I found who takes my side
Just saw how He moved my life

Acceptance is what really matters
And whatever happens in the past?
It became part of what I have
Finally I understand the meaning of love

Hacienda Luisita, IPAGLABAN!

“Hacienda Luisita... Ipamahagi! SDO at Referendum...  Ibasura!” The cry of the different union of farmers last July 22, 2011 at Liwasang Bonifacio in assemblance to the 2nd State of the Nation Address of President Noy Noy Aquino on July 25, 2011. 

The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) and the National Secretariat of Social Action (NASSA) led by Bishop Broderick Pabillo, initiated the march and rally from the Department of Justice up to Liwasang Bonifacio where the different sectors, organizations and union of farmers gathered to respond to the call of Hacienda Luisita farmers for land and justice and condemn the Supreme Court’s decision of New Referendum and Stock Distribution Option.     

National organizations like Anakpawis and   GABRIELA supported the interfaith assembly for the Hacienda Luisita Farmers and gave their sentiments on how the Aquino administration responded on the current issue. The assembly was composed of a short program and presentations by the different national youth organizations like Karatula and National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) and national artists where they presented their support through play and song numbers.

Leaders from different union of farmers also delivered their message for P- Noy in behalf of all the Hacienda Luisita farmers. The United Luisita Workers Union (ULWU) president, Lito Bais, gave an encouragement message for all the farmers who unequally given less importance by the government. The leaders of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas and Alyansa ng mga Manggagawang Bukid sa Asyenda Luisita (AMBALA) challenged P-Noy to take a stand on the issue of farmers in Hacienda Luisita and make it known on his SONA.  

The participation of the youth and students from different Catholic schools like St. Scholastica’s College Manila and University of Sto. Tomas also gave hope to the farmers to win the fight and all the sentiments they want to raise for the present administration. Kristina Misajon, Student Council President from St. Scholastica’s College Manila, spoke in behalf of all the Catholic schools, students and youth on how strongly they support the Hacienda Luisita farmers until the Aquino administration respond and do something about the issue. 

The movement ended peacefully and successfully. It was indeed a one learning experience that we will never forget. The nation is calling the youth, especially the students to take a step and make an action in able to attain the justice and peace that we’re looking for.