Always look out for Number One

Reality check: Who doesn’t want to own a company? Who doesn’t want to become wealthy and rich? Who doesn’t want to be called the “boss”? Who doesn’t want to earn lots of money?  Well, most of us would answer “I do” and who wouldn’t? When you got the success that you’re aiming for, you will probably do everything to keep this so called “Number One” status. Being on top feels like you own the world and can control everything in our hands that’s why in any way and anyhow, we will do anything just to secure our desire to be on top of everything. This is the scenario usually happens when you have a business and has a great source of wealth. But usually people in the business take things and other people for granted because the only important for them is PROFIT.

       “Business is business” as they would say. It’s what they should do. Their business means everything to them. But what if they consider doing something worthwhile causes instead of putting all their money to investments for their security in retirement, isn’t that wonderful? Anyway we will lose everything after we die right? Why don’t they think of ways on how to contribute in the society and help people at large? Instead of thinking on how to make their profit grow, think on how to make an impact on the lives of the people by seeking their needs and share. Profit is just an evident that you’ve work hard but touching the lives of the people in need means there’s an eternal reward waiting for you that you will forever be grateful of.

        Money is not always the answer and solution for everything. Money can buy new shoes, clothes and food but it can never buy real happiness and joy. Money can pay your tuition fee in school but it can never buy real education and values. See, there are things that money can’t buy and yet we let money control us because we think money can solve everything. Now if you may ask, what is the real meaning of success without money? It’s not the big houses that you bought neither the number of cars that you have. Real meaning of success for me is when you can already share something you have that others don’t have. In this way, I could say that success doesn’t have anything to do with money. It will bring us to the concept of LOVE.

        What does this blog wants to impart? I am not against rich people or powerful people. I’m just saying, we should always go back to basic so we could aim the success that we’re looking for. It all begins with LOVE. If you’re really hard working, money is just there and it will run after you so don’t worry. But touching other people’s lives by helping them would mean a lot to these people and to you as well, it could change your life and you may not notice it. “It is more than to give than to receive”, please don’t forget. The number one thing you should do is start investing for your real happiness right now, do what Jesus did.... SACRIFICIAL LOVE.