Maskara by Laurice Guillen (Movie Review)

Maskara by Laurice Guillen --- A movie review by Jojo Armenta
Maskara was the opening film for Cinemalaya this year and it was indeed, a perfect movie to start the annual showcase of independent films here in the Philippines. 

Even though the film was star- studded, I liked the film so much not just because Laurice Guillen is well known as one of the best directors in the Philippines, but because the story of Maskara is based from the true-to-life story of Johnny Delgado, a veteran actor and the late husband of Laurice Guillen who just passed away 2 years ago. Maybe it's not what everybody is expecting about the movie but it definitely gave the audience some lessons on how showbiz personalities live they life off-cam.

Secrets were kept for so long but in the end, it was all revealed. The outcome was positive though. The memories that Johnny Delgado left his loved ones were cherished and learned. A family tie story that will definitely capture every Filipinos heart.