A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata

One of the darkest ages that is written in the Philippine History is also the darkest age for De La Salle College campus on Taft Avenue. On February 12, 1945, it was World War II when the Japanese soldiers invaded the De La Salle College campus on Taft Avenue and attacked people which brought to the death of Twenty-four men, women, and children, and 16 La Salle brothers died in the massacre.

Now, as a commemoration to the historic event of the Lasallian mission, De La Salle University presents A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata. A play created by Gabby Fernandez and directed by Peque Gallaga. The Cantata is one of the highlights of the yearlong centennial celebration of De La Salle University (DLSU) in the Philippines. 

The perfromance will be on February 26 (Sunday - Matinee) at 3pm and February 27 (Monday - Gala Night) at 8pm. Both shows will be held at Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium at the 7th Floor of Don Enrique T. Yuchengco Hall of DLSU. For more information, please call the DLSU Centennial Office at (632) 524-4611 local 290 or email perla.garcia@dlsu.edu.ph.


How do we learn to accept those who are different from us?

I have a friend who opened up her problems and difficulties in going to school facing another day, thinking that she will be bullied by the people she gets along with. People think that she is different and I don’t know why. These people talk behind her back. Laugh at her actions and how she talks. But I never thought that these things will really affect her because she doesn’t say a thing about the behaviour of the people that surrounds her.

Every time I see people judge her for her actions and her physical appearance, I felt sad for these people because they don’t know her and yet they judge her based on what they can only see. Acceptance is lacking and there are two things that explain why. One, because they think that they are worthy enough that’s why they can’t accept that there are other people different from them. Two, they can’t accept their imperfection that’s why they rather judge others and criticize other’s appearance than looking at themselves.

According to the book that I’ve read, “Accepting others may require us to look at people from a different perspective.” “They are just looking but not really seeing”, based on the movie A Cinderella Story. They don’t understand we people, have our own uniqueness and differences. They can’t accept that there are really people who are different from them, which is wrong. We have to accept other’s being indifferent because God created us equal individuals. He wants us to stand out on our own uniqueness not from because we have the same personality and we want the same thing.

The Bible says in Matthew 9: 11- 12, “Why does your teacher eat with such scum?” they asked his disciples... Jesus replied, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor --- sick people do.” Even Jesus, the Lord, accepted us for what we are. He accepted us even though we’re different from Him, even though we’re sinners. Now, God is telling us to accept and love our brothers and sisters for who they are because we are all created by God and God wants us to love one another. As the Bible says in Romans 15:7,“So accept each other for God has accepted you; then God will be glorified.”

Let us pray...
Almighty Father, we give You praise and thanks. Forgive us Lord because sometimes we judge others without even knowing them. Sorry Lord for being so self- centered and selfish. Help me to accept others for You have accepted me for who I am.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen


The Smile of A Child

Tiendesitas, Taguig

                  Every child has the right to play and have fun. But not every child can afford to enjoy their being kids and own toys. That's why De La Salle University Graduate School, together with Beginnings and Twenty Plus, organized a Benefit Concert for children last Christmas. The Smile of a Child Event was organized to collect toys and funds for children who were victims of Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan De Oro. The calamity happened just before the month of Christmas Season so the organizers thought of a project where in they could make hundreds of children smile for Christmas. The event featured OPM bands like Callalily and Bloomfields which added entertainment to the people who watched the show. The benefit concert was a success after getting donations more than the expected. :)