Mario Maurer for Penshoppe

Mario Maurer for Penshoppe by Jojo Armenta

Victor Basa, Mikael Daes, Mr. Bernie Liu, Mario Maurer, Solenn Heussaff and MTV VJ Utt

          After Ed Westwick said yes to Penshoppe to become their new endorser, many Filipinos are now always looking forward for more and Penshoppe became widely the most talk- about local clothing brand in the Philippines. Penshoppe is known as one of the biggest local clothing brands in the Philippines and now, they’re celebrating their silver year of success in the business by revealing their newest endorser, Thai’s Young Superstar Mario Maurer. 

Mario Maurer was known for his role as P- Shone in the sensational coming-of-age romantic comedy film Crazy Little Thing Called love which was aired in ABS- CBN last June 2011 that is why he became so famous here in the Philippines. But before Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Mario Maurer became one the leading actors in the film Love of Siam in 2007 which became the start of his career as an actor in Thailand. 

         Last October 28, Penshoppe held a Fan Conference for the Thai young actor in the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). The event was hosted by Fil- Thai MTV VJ, VJ Utt together with Penshoppe’s Club Pen endorsers, Victor Basa, Mikael Daes and Solenn Heussaff. There was also an intermission number by Bluch, the newest and hottest girl group from different countries in Asia to grace the event. Alex Mendoza, the Brand Director of Penshoppe also talked about a brief history of Penshoppe and launched the new local clothing brand’s logo. The owners and executives of Penshoppe, Mr. Bernie Liu and Alice Liu, were also there to support the conference. 


PRAsia Joyce Ramirez

Meanwhile, PRAsia Joyce Ramirez was the one who introduced Mario Maurer and the one who invited the Thai young superstar to visit the Philippines and choose Penshoppe.

                The Fan Conference was a success because of the surprisingly number of Mario’s supporters here in the Philippines. That’s why Mario stated that “I will definitely come back in Manila.” Plus, everyone who attended the conference didn’t go home empty handed because Penshoppe gave out freebies for everybody. Now, Mario will become busy with his new upcoming movie here in the Philippines with ABS- CBN’s finest young actress, Erich Gonzales. Watch out for this and continue to support Mario Maurer for his upcoming projects.


Mr. A (part 2)

October 18, 2011

It was my first time to join a small group here in Manila and I’m happy that I met new friends and met people whom I could share my life experiences with and talk about God. I was also happy because I saw Mr. A again and now I felt the connection between us though he didn’t notice me much earlier. It felt like my heart melts every time he looks at me. But of course I don’t want to look aggressive so I just kept my “kilig” within myself. As I said before he’s not the main reason why I joined small group but then he’s part of it. For the first time he smiled at me when we’re about to go home and waved. I just want to keep this feeling and just wait for whatever plan God has for me. I wonder what he thinks of me. LOL

Mr. A (part 1)

October 14, 2011

It’s Friday night. The last day of final exams and the first semester is over. I, together with my little sister, decided to attend again the usual Friday night service in Victory Malate. I feel like I looked like an elegant lady tonight because of what I’m wearing. I am not expecting to see anyone but deep inside, I am hoping I could see him but of course, that’s not the reason why I want to attend the service tonight. After the praise and worship, I was surprised when I heard his voice again. He shared some passages from the bible and prayed. He really sounds sincere and fresh. Then after the service, I met two of my sister’s friends, Mark. What a small world because he belongs to a small group where Mr. A is the group leader. So finally, I met him.  After so many months that I’ve been seeing him in the church, I shook his hand for the first time. Thank God I met Mark who became a way for us to meet. I really can’t explain the feeling that I felt when he was nearly approaching us. I don’t know what to say. I love his smile and the way he looked at me. I am hoping that the time would stop when our hands met. “Hi, I’m Jojo”, the only words that came out on my mouth. Gosh, he is so cute. He invited me to be part of their small group but I think after that meeting, I think he would already forget who I am. I don’t want to attend small group meetings just because I want see him but of course because I want to share my life with others and how God moved in my life. Btw, I found out that he’s around 20’s and single. I don’t care if there’s a big age gap between us, for me age doesn't matter. Now, I am praying for Mr. A and hoping that we could be friends because I would like to know him better. I’m lifting up everything to God and I’m excited to share the next chapter of this blog.