From Nobody to Somebody (Justin Bieber)

From Nobody to Somebody (Justin Bieber) by Jojo Armenta

May 10, 2011--- The date where Beliebers have all been waiting for. Finally, Justin Bieber visited the Philippines for his My World Tour Concert at the SM Mall of Asia concert ground. For the first time, I saw an overflowing crowd cheering and waiting to see their number one guy. Actually I am not surprised seeing those fans gone wild and so prepared for JB's concert because I already watched lots of videos of Justin Bieber's concert in YouTube. Justin always knocks girls on his feet every time he performs on stage. With his passion in music and love for his fans, Justin's fame became worldwide.

I heard a lot of people saying Justin is the next Michael Jackson. He could sing and dance well. JB's music often gets the number one spot on the U. S Billboard chart and radio stations all over the world. His music is like a disease that you can't get away from, your last song syndrome for a week or two. Like his single Baby featuring our very own Jasmine Villegas on its music video. This song became the national anthem everywhere after they released the music video on YouTube which until now is the title holder for being the most watched video ever. If you don't believe me, go to YouTube and search Baby Official music video. =)

Justin Drew Bieber was also discovered in YouTube like Maria Aragon, Gabe Bondoc, AJ Rafael and a lot more. He also dreamed big and didn't stop from believing because he knows that he has a talent to share to the whole world. He came from a broken family because his parents were divorced, but it didn't stop him to go for his goals and dreams. Justin was nobody before, he's just like other kids who play around and do what kids do. With the support of Justin's mom, Pattie, Scooter Braun, Justin's manager and Usher, Justin's mentor, he became somebody who is now the incredible and amazing Justin Bieber.

As I am watching Justin Bieber performing live, I still can't believe that I am at his concert seeing him personally. I'm not that close with the stage but I can see him clearly and I really want to shout at the top of my lungs that Justin could only hear me shouting saying "I love you Justin!". LOL Well, you may say I love him that much not because he's cute (well that's one reason). But I am fan because he is such an inspiration. He do what he loves to do and as he always say "Never say never!". That's what he did that's why he is who he is right now because he believed. Believed in his mom, believed in his manager, mentor, fans and of course... himself.

I recommend you to watch Never Say Never. The story of a 17- year old boy who dreamed big and just believed, started from nowhere and now, he is the one and only, Justin Bieber.

Thank you for reading my blog! God bless you. =)


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Unfriendly Fiend

Unfriendly Fiend by Jojo Armenta

Are you not afraid of losing everything good you have in life just for one time pleasure? Well if you would ask me, I'm scared. But people make choices, like these people. 

Before                         After
Name: Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Age: 47
Occupation: American R&B / pop singer and actress

Before                                After
Name: Lindsay Lohan
Age: 24
Occupation: American actress, pop singer and model

Before                                After
Name: Christopher Chace Crawford
Age: 25
Occupation: American actor

They all have the fame and influence. They all have the best things in life because they're talented. But what does these things can do when they already put their lives into waste after using the forbidden drugs that could change every good things in life. It's a one time pleasure that you can't resist. You need to control yourself to stop the addiction. 

Whitney, Lindsay and Chace are just three out of many popular personalities who used drugs to get the desire of their flesh. But people would still look up on them and it hurts. I think in this case, media must also be blamed. These people are supposed to be good role models because we could see them on TV and hear them on radio. Well, this blog is not about judging them or what. I wrote this because I want you guys to become aware of the effects of drugs. 

drug is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function. (Wikipedia) Drugs are meant to cure. But in this case, drugs are being used in a wrong way and for the wrong purpose. Based on research, people especially artists use drugs because they want to escape from the stress that they're experiencing. They also would like to fit in. "Kailan pa naging uso ang drugs? Kung hindi ba naman sira ang ulo mo." Anyway, the drugs that I am talking about are cocaine, marijuana and a lot more. These drugs will definitely make you high and you will never be satisfied in just one shot. You will look for it again and again and it's called addiction. 

These are the top 10 reasons why people use drugs:

1. They are legal: Yes, you read that right.  Some of the drugs that have the most users are completely legal.  Nicotine and alcohol are not illegal and yet they are highly addictive.
Drug Addiction Stories   Top Ten Reasons People Use Drugs2. They are prescribed: There are many different medications, which are prescribed for a specific purpose, but because of the reaction of the brain to these medications, people easily become addicted.  Some examples of these are pain medications, anti-anxiety meds, muscle relaxers and more.
3. Rebellion: Chances are many who are now adults did the same thing, but teenagers often begin using drugs as an act of rebellion or peer pressure.  They experiment with drugs and alcohol.  Some become addicted, some do not.
4. Self Medication: People live with varying degrees of stressors in their lives.  There are times when instead of seeking the advice of a doctor, they begin to medicate themselves with marijuana, street drugs, or even perhaps alcohol.
5. Boredom: There are those that begin to experiment with drugs simply because they are bored or they feel emptiness in their lives.  They are searching for something and mistakenly think that the answer is drugs or alcohol.
6. Peer Pressure: Not only teens, but many adults begin to experiment with drugs because their friends do.  They begin casually at a gathering or a party, and continue on from there.  Many times, this leads to addiction.
7. It Feels Good: If addictive drugs made people deathly ill every time they tried it, people probably would not become addicted.  However, this is not what happens.  Cocaine, Meth, Marijuana, and many other drugs make a person feel very, very good when they begin using them.  This leads to drug addiction even though the good feelings get harder and harder to experience with time.
8. Curiosity: The power of curiosity should never be underestimated.  Many people, young and old try drugs simply to see what will happen.  They are curious as to the effects of the drug and start using for no other reason than to find out what it feels like.
Drug Addiction Stories   Top Ten Reasons People Use Drugs9. Availability: Prescription drugs and street drugs are extremely accessible to anyone who wants to find them.  They can be purchased on the street, through doctors, on-line pharmacies, and even through black market websites.
10. Enhancement: Drug use and abuse very often starts with people drinking alcohol.  When the effects of the alcohol aren’t enough, they branch out into using other drugs as well to enhance the effects of the alcohol.
I may not be the right person to tell you not to use drugs because it's bad for your health and it could destroy your life but a lot of people had made wrong decisions already. If you want to become stress free, there are a lot of recreational activities there that you can do. Don't waste your life and the years that you could live longer in this beautiful world. You have so much things to do and be enjoyed of. If you have problems, you can count on your family and friends and of course, prayer is the best way to get out of those endless problems that you have. God will always be there for you. As the Lord says on Hebrews 13:5, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you". God bless you!=)