"There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?"- James 4:12

In this Bible verse, it says that there is only one who could judge people. The one who made it all, the one who made us all. Is it you? Is it me? Oh no no no no. I don't think so. Then why do you judge? You don't have the right to condemn others. You are not perfect. And if you consider yourself as one, then think again my friend. Think again and again until you realize your imperfection. It hurts right? because it's true. Some of us don't know how to look on themselves first before judging other people's imperfection. 

Look at yourself, not because you're beautiful, you're famous, you're wealthy and has an army of friends, you think you can live your life the way you want it to be? WELL I TELL YOU, YOU CAN'T! This life is not always about you, it's not always about us. Jesus said love one another and love others as you love yourself. But of course, we cannot please everybody, I guess not everybody knows what these commandments mean. Sometimes, we are being too insensitive of the feelings of others because we're too selfish to think that other people has feelings too. 

According to Ephesians 4:29, "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." Kung puro negative talaga yung titingnan mo sa isang tao, puro negative din ang lalabas sa bibig mo. Why don't you try to look on the positive side of others and you will see how precious and good they really are. Another thing that the Bible is saying about the HYPOCRITES "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." taken from Matthew 7:5 which made me also realize my mistakes before that now I really regret and asked for forgiveness for. I don't want to judge others anymore because I know that aside from I'm committing sins in God's eyes, I am also fooling myself. Fooling myself in what way? I am fooling myself because I'm making myself believe that I am way too perfect than anyone else. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan magbago.

We know that all of us have these flaws that others may seem can't accept because we're different from them. Pero sana marealize natin yun bago tayo humusga ng kapwa natin. Sabi nga ni Lord “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." Now tell me, who are you to judge and condemn others? 

P.S This is based from general experience. 


Nothing Important

Sorry to bother you. I don't have a topic or social issue right now like I used to blog about. I just want to express myself here. Please stay and listen to me. I just need someone whom I could talk to right now. I don't want to consider myself as sad.. I don't usually get sad because I'm a happy person. But this time, I feel like it's me against the world. Unidentified feeling it is what I am feeling right now.Maybe it is sadness maybe it is not. Trying to escape from this madness of mine. Keeping all the tears that I can't really hide. An emotion that keeps on bugging me. Where does this come from? Even if I wanna leave it all behind, my mind is being fooled by it. I don't wanna waste my time now. I should be thinking happy thoughts, yes? Okay I will. Erase that, maybe it's better if I'd say I shall. 



Fraternities, what is so good about it? After hearing the "hot" issue about the crime committed because of this Frat thing just recently, this issue really lingered on my mind. I really don't understand why people need to be on a secret organization and let themselves suffer from different rituals and abuses or so called "hazing". That's why I researched about it. Fraternities from the Latin word frater means brother, Fraternity is a brotherhood, a formal and secret organization that is dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and mental development of the members.

Well obviously, by the meaning itself, people join fraternities because they want to fit in, they want to be accepted, they want to feel that they belong, they want to feel secured and have some people who would be there for them whenever they need one and one way to get all these is to undergo initiations rituals which they call hazing. This is the part where they need to do some unreasonable, harsh and cruel acts from their seniors. Here pa nga lang, you should feel na you're not secured and protected kasi if they really want to make you as part of their brotherhood, hindi ka dapat nila sasaktan. Those things won't make you stronger, those things will just bring you more fear and might kill you as well. Hindi naman lahat ng tao malakas ang resistensya, you don't even know if kaya mo yung mga ipapagawa nila sayo, they will hurt you and make you feel na after those rituals mapapatanuyan mo na malakas ka. That's not brotherhood, that's foolishness. You're just making yourself get into trouble and will bring you into situations that you don't expect.

Well I'm not saying that it's bad or not good to seek for security and companionship but joining fraternities won't make you feel the same freedom that you have after you pass all the initiations that they will make you experience. Tao ka rin, nasasaktan at napapagod physically. True brotherhood aims to be there for one another in times of trials and will push you to do good and not to lead you into trouble. Ang nangyayari, para mapatunayan mo na malakas ka, or karapat-dapat kang sumali sa isang fraternity, iuutos sayo ang mga bagay na labag naman sa loob mo, brotherhood ba yun? Where's the freedom there?

Many people in fraternity would say, "e kasi gusto ko may back-up ako pag may mga umaway sakin e." Hello, first and foremost bakit ka papasok sa gulo lalo na kung alam mo namang mapapahamak ka? Diba? Simpleng-simple, kung iniisip mo muna ang mga ginagawa mo, hindi ka mapapahamak. Palibahasa kasi para sa iba ang pakikipag away is like innate na sa kanila na parang hindi sila matatahimik hangga't hindi sila nakikipagbasag-ulo. Well, if you're looking for fight and you know naman na walang magandang maidudulot ito, better wag mo na lang gawin.

Let's talk about the poeple who are in law school naman. They join frats cause they want to pass the exams, or get high grades and be recognized ng mga professors nila sa Law School. We all know na mahirap pagaralan ang LAW. We know na napakaraming pinagaaralan diyan at masakit talaga sa ulo, pero diba you chose that course which you know na mahirap kaya dapat alam mo na ang dapat mong gawin, magaral ng mabuti. Ok, maybe you'll say "e mahirap talaga e anong magagawa ko", may magagawa ka you just want to make it easier for you. Law yan e, malamang mahihirapan ka. You chose that path, so take all the risks. Life is about choices ika nga and life is what you make it.

Well, I'm just saying my opinions here. I don't mean to offend anybody or anyone here. If you guys want security, ask God for it. Actually, kay God pa nga lang secured ka na e. You don't need to join fraternities to belong and be accepted cause there are a lot of people around you who accept you for who you are. People who would always be there to help you out and be there for you. In the case of law students, think before you decide, matalino kayo, don't put it into waste by risking your own life in joining these fraternities. For those who are already a member of any fraternities, God bless you and I have said earlier, LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

Thank you for taking time reading my blog.