Desperately Superficial

Desperately Superficial by Jojo Armenta
Do not condemn me for what I've done.
Keeping you alive makes me wonder what now.
This face with  mask I'm having for a long time, 
This furious of thoughts lingering on my mind. 

I'm shuttered with fears and doubts.
Out of this world is basically fine. 
No matter how hard I try,
This burden controls me inside.

Maybe it's too late, maybe it's not
Or maybe I'm just fascinated on how you act
Stop saying that you'll stay for long,
Or else I'll be drown again by your words. 

Please don't you dare bare this in mind
For you not to be ashamed of yourself
I may not get over with what happened
But I will try to carry things over mine. 


Veronica Guerin: Movie Review


Synopsis: Based on a true story, this is about the Irish journalist Veronica Guerin (Cate Blanchett), a reporter for The Sunday Independent, who exposed some of Dublin's most powerful crime barons and drug lords in 1996. But later that year she was gunned down by assassins hired by the same criminal drug lords she exposed. 
I love writing, though I am not that perfect in constructing my ideas yet, I am really practicing to become better and this movie made me love writing more. While I was watching this movie during our Film Appreciation class, I was frightened because I found out that being a journalist is a very dangerous profession.    To the point that you're putting your life on the line. But Veronica Guerin, inspired us. She is a hero. I already thought that she will die in the end but I didn't imagine how brave she was to fight for what she believes in. She was able to get the drug lords put into jail and the people supported her and gave their tributes for what she has done. It was amazing. I literally cried after the movie. I can't imagine how hard it was for her family to lose someone like Veronica Guerin. She also proved to everybody that a woman can also make a change. It was a really nice film. Bravo!

Say No to Domestic Violence!

courtesy of YouTube and Hannah Fortich. =)

This issue is not unusual to us. We already heard about Domestic Violence for so many times, but sometimes we just ignore it. If we can't do anything to help these people who were verbally, physically and sexually abused in any way, it means we're just letting these unreasonable acts to happen. Let's not be still. Do something. Say no to domestic violence!