God Writes Your Love Story

This lovely and very inspiring poem was made by Joshua Uy. I was inspired to add the women's perspective on what he has expressed here and also I would also like to add some of the realizations and learnings that I gained earlier while I was listening on the preaching of Pastor Daniel in Victory Malate. 

"Women and Men should not settle for good when it comes to relationship, because God has planned what's best for each and every one of us." - Pastor Daniel

Well, who doesn't want to love and be loved? Who doesn't want to to feel complete? Who doesn't want to hear those romantic lines and words from the person you love? Of course, everyone does. I also believe that Love is God and God is Love. So if you're blaming God for feeling bitter right now because of the broken-hearted situations that you've had, you're barking with the wrong tree. God gave us a choice and a freedom to do what we want. But when it comes to bad relationships, God also feels sad whenever you chose to get hurt rather than choosing to be happy. 

From the women perspective, based from my own experience, I never had a boyfriend before but that doesn't make me inexperience when it comes to relationships because I don't need to do the trial and error thing in love. If you're not yet sure, why enter into a relationship? I believe that women are worthy of the long wait. But both women and men should have this virtue called patience before entering into a relationship that God has designed for each and everyone of us. Waiting is not just meant for men, but also for women. 

According to Genesis 2:18
"The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

a helper suitable for him- means a woman 

God designed a woman to help the man. Even before in the book Genesis, God proved that He is the author of love.  God made the men and women to compliment each other and help each other. You're just waiting your time if you want to enter into a relationship that you're unprepared and unstable. God has His own perfect time, don't rush things by following your own desires. 

As Josh has mentioned in his poem, he just want to be honest. He doesn't deserve a woman like the person meant for him yet because he knows that he is not yet ready for commitments. It is very rare to look for guys who has the same principles as Josh has and personally, I am very happy to meet people like Josh who is willing to wait, how long may it take he don't care, because that's what God wants him to do. 

According to Song of Solomon 2: 7 
"Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires."

This is especially for women, who thinks that the time would pass by easily if they don't meet their partners in life as early as now. As Pastor Daniel said, Love is not about timing and if he/ she is the right person. We should prepare ourselves for God's time. Instead of asking if she/he is the one, let's ask if am I the one. Although usually, we abuse the freedom that God has given us to get the desires of our hearts, without even praying for it, that's a NO NO. Women, we were made by Christ to be with the person that God has destined for us, we should not settle for less. 

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